Ask Allyson About Art & Life
Digital/Analog Illustration, 2019, by PEI137

Ask Allyson: At a crossroads…

Hey Allyson, 

I am an artist currently based out of Colorado. I have spent much of my life pursuing the arts to the point that I find my art practice indistinguishable from what most consider a religious practice.  I reach out to you because I am currently at a make or break moment and it scares me. I don’t make much money from doing my craft and have worked in the food industry to pay the bills. As I hit age 31 I am beginning to doubt any sort of sustainability the way I’m going. But I...

Vipassana & Being An Artist

Dear Allyson,

I'm not a 100% artist, I just really like playing with the platonic solids and fractal geometry, I have a few drawings, sketches and a small painting called "Beach Light."  It would be a dream for me if I could show my work to you and you shared with me your understanding the transforming a  3D vision of shapes into two dimensions. I’d like to portray the silhouette of the supercube. I send you both a cordial I sorry for my english but use a translator

I really...

Supercube by Octa
Gems 5 by Allyson Grey

The Speed of Time

Dear Allyson,

I have a question about the subject of time. I’m a 19 year old born in a very confusing time, and I just wanted to ask you this: As we age and our awareness expands, why does time tend to feel like it’s speeding up? Is it due to our growing self-awareness or just our overall awareness of the environment in which we live? I’ve heard that time is an illusion where the past present and future are one.  When I was a you g kid, time felt very slow and I think that was much more enjo...

Sacred Relationships

Dear Mrs. Allyson Grey,

Your relationship with your husband is ideal to me. Love, friendship, and community with one another. I desire that in my life and I'm asking if you know any available men who fit that criteria? 

I would love for you to be my matchmaker, as you have very discerning taste.
If you don't have the desire to take this on, I fully respect that.

With much respect,


Complementary Mandala 1 by Allyson Grey

Creativity as a Spiritual Practice

The following is an interview from a student from Scotland, Wenna King.

Q: The mandala is an ancient symbol that appears and reappears throughout culture and history. Do you feel there is a connection between this ancient imagery (e.g. Islamic tiling and the mandala) and the images you create in ‘Order’? If yes, please explain why?

A: Indeed. The mandala formation that portrays Order in my paintings is inspired by a psychedelic vision a vast vista of fountains and drains, multi...

Including Creativity in my Academic Life

Dear Allyson,

To study ecology and conservation at University, I moved to Missoula, Montana from Southeastern Connecticut and love being surrounded by such exquisite wilderness. 

I have trouble melding my artistic creativity with academic structure and the rigor of school. How would you recommend integrating my studies with my love to make art? 


Creatures 1 by Allyson Grey
Spiral by Allyson Grey

Feeling "Stuck"

Hey Allyson!

First, I wanted to share my gratitude for the work and lifestyle that you and Alex inspire in my own life. I'm an art-student graduate and visionary artist. Art is more than a hobby to me, but I'm struggling to find the ideal living situation in which to work and practice. I'm a dedicated meditator and painter, feeling that I have not achieved the ideal "life current" needed to share my gifts. Since graduating art school, I've felt that I either have to dedicate too much time in a no...

Letting Work Go or Keeping It

Hi Allyson, 

I was a student of yours in 'start a painting' class back in 2018, recently we met again at Regenaissance in Miami.  I mentioned to you in Miami that I have been painting lots since and as of 2018.   I hope you and everyone is thriving at COSM and good health and good spirits prevail. 

First of all I'm so very grateful for all the influence and encouragement I got from you, Alex and COSM, it's been priceless in these past 4 years.  


Featured art by Fabio Blancarte Díaz
Smush by Allyson Grey

Secret writing

Dear Allyson,

It is a pleasure ro see your art. I see the same things in my mind. - the forms, patterns and letters, and it shocks me to see thise images as paintings. Can you read the secret writing? Thank you for your art. You are a genius who is confirming what I’ve always considered the language of consciousness and of creation. Eternal blessings.


Honoring Our Creativity

Hello Allyson

I struggle to fully embrace myself as an artist and honor ideas by transferring them out of my head and into physical space. A heavy feeling that I am contributing to more of the Earth’s trash/garbage has been a persistently persuasive voice that ceases momentum. Continuing to ignore this mass of creative energy is no longer an option for me. 

Any advice on how to reconcile this shame/guilt associated with creating in order to proudly come out as an artist? 


Two Triangle Crosses 1 by Allyson Grey
Squiggle Cells by Allyson Grey

Clarifying through Journaling

Hi Allyson,

I think I'm different than most I know. But my story is very weird and I know it was to true not to be true..  I know we all follow our path, but I am so close to loosing what gained, I hope you have some wisdom that you could share with me or guide me on my journey.. anything at this moment I would be so grateful for. Here's my story:

As a kid I knew I was different, I was born a lost soul,  or you could say my soul was taking from me. I could always see spirits,&nbs...


Dear Allyson,

My fiancé and I are in our early 20's, love each other deeply and are creative people. We both draw, he plays guitar, I write, paint, and create in other mediums. When we first took LSD together, we remembered knowing each other before. It was the most profound experience of our lives. To protect our sacred connection, we vowed to help each other grow, and appreciate our relationship more than ever. A problem we share is suffering with depression, leaving us feeling stuck, unhap...

Transforming Depression: Healing the Soul Through Creativity by David H. Rosen, MD
Image by Joel

Building a Sanctuary to the Mushroom

Dear Allyson & Alex,

I heard you on Duncan's podcast where you and Alex talked about how important it is to make life as beautiful as you could.

I feel like the Mushroom wants me to help. I've been following you and Alex for sometime and am a big believer in CoSM and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

I don't have a tribe but I feel there are others just like me, who want to increase the potency of our cultures spirit and soul. 
My part in this is to help guide people to feel...


Dear Allyson,

My question is about your creative process and how you handle the publishing part? 
Do you feel self conscious about displaying your vulnerability? 


Long Chaos Watercolor Mural by Allyson Grey
Running'by Allyson Grey


Dear Allyson,

What does it mean to be a true friend? How can I be that more for others and myself? 

Thank you so much for the healing light you share. 

In honor of Healing Light,


Psilocybin and Art

Hi Allyson, 

I have been making a living as an artist for 20 years now. I have my own gallery and mostly sell landscapes of the island in Maine where I live or commissioned portraits. I love the figure and feel that's my strongest work.  I want to do something different. I am at a loss as to how to use psychedelics and art. When you paint, are you taking them at the time or do you wait and record visions after. Do you or Alex ever do psychedelic workshops? I admire you both and love you...

Art by Alex Grey
Budding Wave by Allyson Grey

Making Art for the Joy of It

Dear Allyson,

Just listened to an interview you and Alex did with Duncan Trussell. Holy cow! 
I’m a glassblower in the Twin cities of Minnesota and since I graduated art school 3½ years ago, I’ve been working in a production environment making lighting. I love my job but since I started I haven’t made any art of my own.  Whether this is a byproduct of the comfort afforded by stability or just pure laziness, I don’t know, but I realized I need some help getting back to my roots of mak...

Exhibition Struggles

Hello Allyson,

As a visionary artist I'm struggling to find appropriate places to exhibit my work. When I look around in the galleries and museums in the the Netherlands, where I live, I see nothing even closely related to paintings inspired by visionary states. When I show my portfolio or apply for artists grants I hear: “Beautiful work. Well done, but unfortunately we have no client base for this type of work." Or "Thank you for your grant proposal but we find the visual language that you use a...

Healing Our Roots by Sander Bos
New Order I by Allyson Grey

Paint Question

Dear Allyson,

This may be a silly question, but I was wondering what brand of paint do you use? The colors are so vibrant and wonderful



Aphantasia - Absence Mind's Eye

Dear Allyson, 

My question is about an uncommon phenomena known as aphantasia; it is the lack of a visual imagination, the lack of a mind's eye. It makes creating art very difficult sometimes as I have a concept in my mind but really struggle to translate it to paper due to being unable to see the image I would like in my mind. It is a difficult entity to explain because I find it hard to sum up the words to describe the phenomena other than when I try to imagine an image - my mind's eye sta...

Alphabet by Jasper Johns, 1956
Nature of Mind (Panel 7) by Alex Grey

The “No-Enthusiasm Zone”

Dear Allyson,

Can you give me some advice? I have become utterly trapped in a 'no-enthusiasm zone', have been here for over a year now. Haven't written or painted anything. Have you got any ideas about how to get out of this?





During a recent psychedelic experience, I did something that I have never done, which was to see the sentience of the psychedelic itself, psilocybin in this case. It communicated with me! I was in shock. Do you have any thoughts on this? I have also been reading and applying The Kybalion to my life, and achieving tremendous peace.

I would love to hear your perspective. 

Love and Grace,


Flow by Allyson Grey
How To Be A Great Artist! by Zena Grey

Art Out of Anger (part 2)

Read part 1 here

Dear Allyson, 

It is an honor to hear back from you and thank you for all your advice and teachings.
Hearing from you has just given me so much confidence and joy

At home, I was raised in a way that brings up conflict inside of me. This idea that we are all individuals, and we are who we are for ourselves and not for society is not taught in Indian households today. We are all expected to be 3D printed perfect people (according the opinion of family) so...

Art Out of Anger

Dear Allyson,

 I love your mind, and your work, and the idea of chaos and order. To be honest, I feel the chaos in me more. 

My name is Anushna and I am from India. I know we are so far away from each other but someday I am going to make it to New York and learn from you. 
 You know, I feel so much inside me, you could call it chaos. There is chaos in my mind, but I also feel it in my body when the mind takes over (anxiety). Theres so much anger for what the worl...

Don't Fuck with the Feminine by Anusha
Boo-Boo by Alex Grey

Art & Mothering

Dear Allyson,
 How did you and Alex manage to keep creating and raise a baby?


Dear Allyson,

I’m having trouble in life. Communicating with others seems to be a big issue. Any tips on how to not be so anxious when put in social situations? Also, I’m having trouble being motivated enough to contribute to today’s society. I love the earth and all things on it but It’s hard to contribute to our society without also contributing to all the destructive actions our society causes. How do I find and kickstart a career if they all seem to hurt the world in some way shape or for...

Floral by Allyson Grey
Two Men by Allyson Grey

Aspiring Artist

Hi Allyson,

Your art and Alex’s has inspired me to practice making art myself. Anatomy has always interested me. I’d like to draw lifelike art while still maintaining a personal style that isn’t “cartoonish.” I am perfectionistic and believe that this will become a struggle to overcome in my art journey. Being young and low on financial resources, what would you recommend in pushing myself to learn, developing a personal style and finding sources that outline the principles of art and anatomy? Wh...

Being a Successful Artist

Hi Allyson,

My name is Harvey Dale. I'm turning 23 in January. I've been introduced to your art since 19. It has opened up my world and aided my process of awakening. I've been in and out of my awakening for 4 years now. This year has been really strong because I'm finally seeing the ways which I have been resisting my awakening. I feel like my third eye has been activated. I'm getting lots of downloads of consciousness shifting visions. Some of them are similar to your work. There was a feeling...

Above and Below by Allyson Grey
Floral Markings by Allyson Grey

Using Cannabis

Dear Allyson, 

I've noticed how wildly popular cannabis is starting to become, and I was wondering what your thoughts are about the relationship that our society is forming with the plant. High potency strains and concentrates are readily available. I've noticed among many of my friends who use cannabis that it affects them in a negative way. I feel that THC levels in cannabis are being increased to an excessive level and this in turn is causing people to establish an unhealthy relationship...

Perfectionism and Art

Dear Allyson, 

You were in my dream last night emphatically telling me "People aren't perfect and we can't make perfect art, and that's life! All we can do is what we can do, but we can do a lot!” I find that my habit of perfectionism and being overly critical of myself limits both the quality and quantity of my creative output. I'd love to hear your thoughts on perfectionism and art. 

Thank you and Alex for everything you do :) 


Deconstructed Harlequin Diptych by Allyson Grey
Creative Liberty, collaboration between Alex Grey and Allyson Grey

A Worthy Project

Dear Allyson, 

I am an experienced artist with a desire to create from spirit. Now involved in Landmark Education in Seattle, I am taking a leadership program that supports class participants in creating a community project. My quest is to lead others in an art venture that honors the divine. How can I bring together a team to work with me on that aim? 

Thank you, 


How Can I Help?

Dear Allyson, 

How can I help? I’m emailing you from Austin, Texas. Here, the Visionary Art scene is growing into a wonderful example of how transcending reality through community and art can bring about real beauty and hope for us. Had the opportunity last summer to take an extraordinary workshop with our friends in the band Tool, surrounded by images of the Sacred Mirrors. You were near my heart and I knew I would be called to CoSM again in the future. If I could help CoSM, it would bring...

Art by William Allan Ross
Chaos Order Islands by Allyson Grey

Self-Doubt Versus Creativity

Dear Allyson, 

Thank you for your time. I am a writer who hasn't written anything yet. I am a yoga teacher who has not done any formal training yet. I am a podcaster with nothing recorded yet. For 15 years, I lived an unbalanced and unhealthy life with too much booze and white powdery drugs and not enough self care, which has hindered my drive to bring ideas to fruition. Then, 3 years ago, at age 30, I was blessed with a daughter. Taking care of her and her mother and my step daughter became...

Executing an Artistic Vision

Dear Allyson, 

Because of how our society is structured, it is very difficult to form and execute an artistic vision. Sometimes we find ourselves so distant from where we NEED to be that the opportunity to execute that vision seems impossible. Yet sometimes a vision can come to fruition through means unknown, unknowable, or not yet available to us. If I am a lowly worker at a factory, how on earth will I build an art and healing center in New Mexico? It seems like such an impossibility, and...

Jewel Net of Indra by Allyson Grey
One and Many by Allyson Grey

Identifying A Venue For Your Art

Dear Allyson, 

I recently finished a big drawing project and would like advice about venues to have an exhibition. The project is called BFF and it consists of 127 composite charcoal drawings, plus the 128 photos from which they are derived. The project began in 2007 while working as a forensic artist for the Suffolk County police in Long Island. I’m currently looking to show an exhibition of the entire series. I’m looking into venues in the Hudson Valley but I’m open to venues in NYC and be...

Truth, Integrity and BPD

Hi Allyson,

What is your opinion on Borderline Personality Disorder? I was reading through some of your old answers, and you seem to take a harsh stance on honesty and integrity. Personally I believe those things are very important as well, though in my experiences inside and outside the system I have only become more confused. I see major repercussions due to dishonesty. Do you think mental illness is an excuse? Do you believe it is real? Do you believe in lying for a just cause? Do you believe...

Spectral Diamond Pinstripes by Allyson Grey
Chaos Order & Secret Writing by Allyson Grey

Realms of the Mind & Body

Hi Allyson, 

Why do you think our mind enters a different universe while our bodies stay in the current one. If our body enters too does that mean our physical body dies?

Thank you, 


Feeling Inadequate Creatively

Dear Allyson, 

 Have you ever feel like you were artistically inadequate, and if so, how did you overcome this? Inspired by many artists and musicians, I compare myself to the work of others and beat myself up over not having done as much, or for not being detail oriented enough. That cycle of self sabotage usually leads to stagnant periods in my creative flow. To continue creating, I have to address this negative cycle, but somedays I get so discouraged. At those times, I can't even im...

Yellow Chaos by Allyson Grey
Bruegel by Allyson Grey

Bruegel, 1980

Sustaining an Enduring Relationship

Dear Allyson, 

 My husband and I have been together for close to twenty years, we deeply love each other and are committed to being together. As we enter our midlife era, it has become more of a challenge to connect, having two young children and various other regular life stressors. We see our friends divorcing and can't help wonder if marriage is sustainable in today's world? I was deeply encouraged to read that you and your husband are committed to each other in a traditional way. Co...

Text Page Chaos Diamonds by Allyson Grey
First Letter by Allyson Grey

Starting My Art Journey

Dear Allyson, 

 On your podcast with Duncan Trussell, I was inspired to hear you speak about the path of an artist. I have been trying to get my artistic journey started with little success and have identified two problems. One is that I am just too busy right now to make art a priority. An upcoming job change will offer more time for artistic pursuits. 

 The second is that I am not quite sure where to start. I have zero technical skill or training and most of what I ma...

Trust or Betrayal

Dear Allyson, 

 I recently "ran away" from my partner of seven years, due to a terrible misunderstanding. 

 My partner and I, both 25 years old, have been together for seven years. We broke up once before. During that break-up, I had a sexual experience with another man, and thought nothing of it. When Raphael and I started dating again, I was afraid to tell him, so at first, I lied, but later regretted it and told the truth. He never quite trusted me again. 

Fate of the Light by Allyson Grey
Entheon render by @edawsontaylor and Jacqueline Cooper

Response from a Neighbor

Dear Allyson, 

 My husband Brad and I, as well as the other neighbors who came to the celebration with us yesterday, enjoyed ourselves very much. I mentioned to you that I was thinking about writing about CoSM in my weekly email to a group of local people, and thought maybe you enjoy reading the result: 

 "Last night, a few neighbors and us decided to go to a Celestial Equinox celebration at CoSM, which is less than a mile from our house, close to the New Hamburg train...

Do Visionary Art Managers Exist?

Dear Allyson (Hi Alex!),

 I am a multidimensional artist.
 I do performance art-

I do installation art-

I do visual art (visionary still life photography)-

and I run creative workshops-

I have established myself out here in Australia and I am wanting to start touring internationally and expand in many ways. I am a one man show and I am finding it very difficult to keep up with everything I have going on. 

Art by Steven
Happy Birthday, Allyson video by T.J. Squires

Surprise Birthday Tribute Video

Watch the surprise birthday tribute video created for Allyson Grey’s birthday at the March Full Moon gathering. Thanks goes to all who contributed and especially to T.J. Squires for putting it together.

A Non-Profit for Creative Children

Dear Allyson, 

 I’d like to dedicate myself to helping children by creating a non-profit for low income communities like the neighborhood where I myself grew up. If I had known at a young age that I could make a living from my artistic abilities and talents, that is what I would have done. Many artistic young people, like my childhood neighbors, have no clue this is reality or how to get there and it seems impossible to many. I’d like to start a non-profit to allow children to not only...

Blends & Dots by Allyson Grey
Art by Neil


Dear Allyson 

 Since I graduated art school in Scotland, I've struggled to balance work & art. I have creative practice-streaks and have even gotten some art out into the world, But, for the past seven years I’ve been denying my creative self and feeling guilty. 

 This past summer I moved to Sweden with my wife and one year old son to be closer to nature and find the balance between I've craved. Surprisingly, despite having a beautiful house in the forest, more time...

Can I Tell You My Story?

Dear Allyson, 

 Can I tell you my story? 


Drift by Allyson Grey
Text Page Reversal by Allyson Grey

Past In Your Present

Hi Allyson! 

 It was so refreshing to speak to you at the at the Gratitude Gathering and to hear of someone who had a positive family background that was full of love. Like how you spoke of your parents, specifically you growing up in a family business, summer camping, that had such a positive influence all those girls. It is encouraging to know that you still have a positive familia relationship with your husband and daughter. 

 Personally I didn’t have the most unders...

Birth with Joy

Art by Alex Grey & Allyson Grey
Isles of Langerhans by Allyson Grey

Employment & Healing

Dear Allyson, 

 At 24, I'm having a difficult time in my life. Out of work and living off of savings, I am having a hard time finding employment. However, I am currently living in an area where job openings are plentiful. I am limited in what I can do since I have no car and can’t afford one. Three young stepchildren count on my care. My spiritual, mental and emotional health was set on the back burner for awhile. Now, I feel mentally stable enough for employment, but can’t find work! T...

Letting Go of a Romantic Relationship

Dear Allyson, 

 Awhile ago, I was in a romantic relationship with this girl. Our connection seemed deeper than words can explain. Where we once trusted each other and spoke openly, the relationship ended with us not speaking to one another and parting ways without much communication. We see each other from time to time at parties of mutual friends and I feel the vibrations of unresolved karmic ties. How can I let go of these ties? Should I address them in order to heal them? Could unres...

Beginning and End by Allyson Grey
Art by Mark

Painting Feedback

Hi Allyson, 

 Please take a look at my latest. I'm happy with the idea, but some of the execution has much to be desired. 

 I thought a lot about what you recommended. I haven't repainted them yet, but I will. As I experiment I am progressing, but my goal is to be able to add more realism to them (for example the face on the attached picture). 

 If possible, please let me know your thoughts. 

 All the best, 


How can I have the life I love?

Dear Allyson, 

 I am lost. I'm an artist: theater, writing, ink on glass and metal. I pretty much fall in love with any art form I come across. I also feel deeply called to heal and teach. None feels whole by itself and I feel off balance if I'm not doing both. 
 Until I listened to you both in person yesterday and saw what you've created with CoSM and your work, I've never seen the two threads braided so perfectly. 

 So my question is: How did you find you...

New Chaos by Allyson Grey
Realms of the Unpronounceable by Allyson Grey

Realms of the Unpronounceable

This Side of Sanity


by Paul Bronson 
Byron Bay, Australia 

this is the story of falling down the rabbit hole. 

some people believe in spiritual experience,
and some people believe only in solid facts.
to the grounded folk, the following tale is a decent into madness.
to the mind exploring hippy, it is a matter of discerning
where reality stops and when madness begins. 

in my grandiose delusion,
i met ganesha the elephant god.<...

Secret Writing Spectrum by Allyson Grey
Text Page #6 by Allyson Grey

Depression and Anxiety


 I have a question for you that I am hoping you may be able assist me with. First, I feel the need to give you a little background. 

 At 43, I have struggled with addiction and depression/anxiety for most of my life. From a very early age, I felt like I did not belong and have had great difficulty forming meaningful relationships with people. I've had counseling off and on, have taken antidepressants, self medicated, and participated in two twelve-step recovery...

Portrait by Perry Kroger

Photo Adaptation by Sir Pak
Alexander Krivosheiw with his sculpture "MOORE'S CANOVA"

Allyson's Day – 40 Year Anniversary of My First Date with Alex, May 31, 1975

May 30th, 1975: Alex appeared at the door of my Cambridge apartment for my end-of-year party accompanied by our Boston Museum School Conceptual Mixed Media professor whom I had been casually dating. In Alex's hand was a half-drunk bottle of Kahlua mixed with a giant dose of LSD. My first of many LSD trips was in 1969. Alex's had postponed that experience until that very night at my house... on my couch. 

On May 31st we had a self-revelatory conversation about the profound spiritual opening...

Perception of the Artist; Perception of the Viewer

When a viewer perceives that secret writing in my work is Paladian, Lemurian, and Atlantian, they are indeed projecting the true meaning of the work: that artists are symbol makers and viewers are meaning makers. The symbols could mean what the viewer wants them to mean OR/AND the symbols could mean what the artist intends them to mean.

 Art can be understood by a simple impression, a gut reaction. The viewer can go deeper and learn about the history of the artist, the arc of their work, th...

Smush by Allyson Grey
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