June 08, 2020

During a recent psychedelic experience, I did something that I have never done, which was to see the sentience of the psychedelic itself, psilocybin in this case. It communicated with me! I was in shock. Do you have any thoughts on this? I have also been reading and applying The Kybalion to my life, and achieving tremendous peace.

I would love to hear your perspective. 

Love and Grace,

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Flow by Allyson Grey
Hey Mikey,
Thanks for writing.
Personifying the substance itself focuses on the “usher” of the experience and may deify the material, instead of venerating the experience of personal contact with Divinity. When the “vehicle” of God Contact becomes an object of devotion, that is delusion. In my tradition, that could be called idol worship, like venerating the Golden Calf because mushrooms grow on the dung.
I create from my vision of an inner experience, and avoid glorifying the material substance. 
There are great artists, like my brilliant husband, who effectively paint the person having the experience. People love seeing themselves in that portrayal. I paint exclusively, my own unique inner visions and see no imitations. 
Thanks for your question! 
In loving service,
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