A Worthy Project
February 25, 2019
Dear Allyson, 

I am an experienced artist with a desire to create from spirit. Now involved in Landmark Education in Seattle, I am taking a leadership program that supports class participants in creating a community project. My quest is to lead others in an art venture that honors the divine. How can I bring together a team to work with me on that aim? 

Thank you, 

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Creative Liberty, collaboration between Alex Grey and Allyson Grey
Dear Mariah, 

Years ago, Alex and I and a number of CoSM Staff members participated in the Self Expression and Leadership Program at Landmark Education and benefitted so much. Alex & I still pull out our old S.E.L.P. notebook from time to time to remind ourselves of what we still have to accomplish at CoSM. Within that class, over twelve years ago, the project I chose was Site Selection for CoSM. Alex’s project was to Raise a Million Dollars to purchase a site for CoSM. In the middle of the seminar. Alex discovered CoSM’s new home on findthedivine.com ... and here we are! You say you want to create a project that supports your quest and the quest of others to create art honoring the divine. Have you considered selecting a group of artists that you admire and holding a group exhibition with an opening celebration? Would you like to start an art collective in an empty industrial building? Don’t be afraid to imagine a higher possibility than you may now feel capable of realizing. Causing the Miraculous (another wonderful Landmark course) taught us that miracles happen when we make promises we don’t know how we will keep and then, rather than sitting back and hoping it will happen, taking the steps that MAKE it happen. Imagine a future you would love and then take the series of actions needed to “live into” your vision. Action step examples: 1. Imagine your team. Make a list. 2. Write an articulate “pitch" of your possibility . 3. Practice your pitch so that it inspires others and share your intention with your most trusted advisors and loved ones. 4. Improve your pitch by practicing it with Landmark partners. Share your vision with artists and potential partners on your list. 5. Price it out. How much could you afford to throw into a rentable space if costs were split between working artists? How many artist partners will you enroll in your possibility? 6. Shop online for potential venues and make appointments to visit available spaces for your community art project. There are many action steps before even a penny is spent. There’s research and writing, there’s learning to hone your delivery so it inspires others about your intention. When people hear your proposal, do they become as excited about it as you are? If they look bored or disinterested, they may represent those who will NOT be a part of your project, so move on and keep trying with an improved delivery. You may have to pitch a funding source, even a bank or a landlord. All of these action items take imagination, practice, persistence and courage. Many steps on the way costs nothing. Do those first. Long ago, I recall asking my inner guide: “How is happiness created?” In my mind, I heard a voice that must have taken S.E.L.P. ! The voice said: “Immerse yourself in Solving Big Problems.” Little problems are boring by comparison. Create a problem that will move you and others forward evolutionarily. Follow through on that visionary intention and your life will be filled with interesting problems. 

In loving service, 

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