Building a Sanctuary to the Mushroom
February 26, 2021
Dear Allyson & Alex,

I heard you on Duncan's podcast where you and Alex talked about how important it is to make life as beautiful as you could.

I feel like the Mushroom wants me to help. I've been following you and Alex for sometime and am a big believer in CoSM and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

I don't have a tribe but I feel there are others just like me, who want to increase the potency of our cultures spirit and soul. 
My part in this is to help guide people to feel something I have felt and feel.

Once upon a time I grew deeply depressed. I recalled the power and heard that the Magic Mushroom could help me.
I took a couple grams and sat still on my balcony for hours. I noticed the fall trees without their leaves resembled the vessels in my lungs. I watched the trees breath. I saw the Sun die and watched as the Moon was born. I watched the stars become the sky and in those moments, I realized this was the most beautiful gift anyone could receive. Just to exist in this beautiful creation is the most amazing gift.
To say I cried would be a lie. I launched water from my eyes with such force that my body was soaked within seconds. I said I was sorry to the universe for ever wanting to leave and promised to never leave this by my own doing. 
This was the day that the Mushroom broke my depression with such force I have never been the same since.

I sold my apartment and bought some land 400 feet in elevation, overlooking the Thompson River in the desert of Western Canada, British Columbia. A very interesting area that overlooks glacier cut hills and the Thompson river to the South. To the North are rocky hills that rise up to the sky a hundred feet.  The land was covered in sage and I had an accidental moment of not displaying the proper respect for fire, and the land was set ablaze. Luckily and gladly no one was injured and only my property was damaged.  Due to the heroic actions of two neighbors with tractors who bravely drove into the flames, the fire was cut off and the land was tilled, burying the sage brush under the sandy plateau. 
The wind, fortunately, stopped blowing and the fires went out. All the sage was gone leaving only bare dirt. That happened in 2018. The land has since healed and is now alive again. [current photo attached to this page]

To share what I have seen and felt, I must create a place of Sanctuary dedicated to the Mushroom. We all need to connect with nature. 

I’d like your input. You both are my tribe because I choose you to be. Thank you so much for everything you do. You are inspiring new generations and that is exactly what I want to do.


Ask Allyson Image
Image by Joel
Dear Joel,

Thanks for your message, Joel, and for sharing your story of healing. We wish you every success in building a sanctuary to the mushroom and its healing gift. People are reawakening to the power of sacramental plants. 

When travel and communing is safe and welcome, it is possible that you might visit CoSM and we could meet face to face and share our visions. Meanwhile, feel free to continue letting us know of your progress. We are a stand for your success.

Alex sends his warmest regards. 


Allyson & Alex
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