The Meaning of Secret Writing
April 17, 2024
Hi Allyson, 

I just stumbled on your artwork of symbols. I saw these same symbols in a dream I had many years ago. They were etched into rocks near the waters edge surrounded by strange beings of another world. The symbols shone in multiple colours similar to a labradorite crystal. The image has stuck with me and I always believed it meant something. Do you know what they represent?

Thank you,


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Chaos Order Secret Writing Gallery, Entheon
Dear Chris,

Thanks for writing.

The Secret Writing in my art is my interpretation of the occult symbol system I saw on a mystic journey in 1971 at the age of 19. When I saw Secret Language washing over all surfaces, over my body and wafting through the air I remember thinking, “This is what people call ‘G-O-D’. ” My mind was changed from an agnostic person, waiting for God Contact before simply “believing in God. ” I then knew the experience and presence of that communicating force of the universe, on which the symbols G-O-D have been assigned. GOD was faceless and without gender. This resonated with me and dispelled all doubt that such a force existed in the universe.

The meaning of the letters I chose from the infinite variety that I experienced, point to the ineffable and untranslateable language of creative expression that we witness everyday. Through symbols we perceive and interpret all things, both physical and subtle. Our minds interpret meaning everywhere we look and in every moment. We each interpret the meaning uniquely, based on our life experience and personal judgement and discernment.

The book Xenolinguistics by Diana Slattery covers reports by psychonauts on the appearance of secret writing within the psychedelic experience. I wrote the forward of that book. Diana and others have attempted to channel and translate the meaning of their perceived language system. I intentionally avoided “making up” meaning for the symbols Assigned meaning would seem random, invented by my rational mind and not universal or authentic, wrongly implying a knowing that cannot be known.

The symbolic meaning of the language I use in my art refers to the container of meaning, an empty vessel for the ineffable spirit of communication. The ineffable language of The Creator cannot be known literally.

Artists are symbol makers. Secret Writing is art that points to the conversation of symbolic interpretation existant in every moment. All knowing is interpretation.

Please accept my appreciation for your inquiry. Including Secret Writing in my art for fifty years has made their meaning a question I have long-been answering.

Blessings on your creative path.

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