A Non-Profit for Creative Children
February 22, 2018
Dear Allyson, 

 I’d like to dedicate myself to helping children by creating a non-profit for low income communities like the neighborhood where I myself grew up. If I had known at a young age that I could make a living from my artistic abilities and talents, that is what I would have done. Many artistic young people, like my childhood neighbors, have no clue this is reality or how to get there and it seems impossible to many. I’d like to start a non-profit to allow children to not only express their artistic talents but to link them with schools and colleges that would train them to work in their fields and live out their dreams. Please assist me with whatever knowledge you have on this subject. Anything is appreciated, thank you so much for your time. 


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Dear Semone, 

 Thank you for sharing your open hearted possibility. On the internet you will find a comprehensive list of what you need to do to become a non-profit organization. For CoSM, we raised the money to hire a lawyer who helped us through the paper work. That was when we wrote CoSM's mission statement, a sentence that describes the function, goals, philosophies of your non-profit plus a description of the audience your non-profit will benefit. In concise and impactful language, we began defining in writing what our organization is, why it exists, its reason for being. The internet also offers great guidance in creating an effective mission statement and descriptive writing about your project. 

 Leading a new non-profit organization that serves a community will require many new friends. Brilliant, sensitive one-on-one conversations, an unforgettable website, a business card, a brochure, a video — every creative way that can be imagined, can inspire friends to help you achieve your vision of enlightening young people to their creative potential. To “enroll” others in your intention may take artistry, innovation and intelligence along with study, practice, and coaching. 

 The third step in any project is the daily to-do list of actions. Imagine a scenario, a step by step plan to fulfill your mission. Does your vision occur in a school or a community center? Is it a guidebook? Do public officials, professionals or legislators need to be involved? The help you need in manifesting your plan depends on an inspiring portrayal of your vision. 

 Service to a vision is a worthy life’s work. To see your vision fulfilled without starting a non-profit business, you might consider identifying one or more worthy organizations that already work to fulfill aspects of your vision and donate a portion regularly to those charities after earning money the way you know best. The great actor, Paul Newman and his family wanted to help in a big way and created a food company, committing all proceeds to favored charities. We can all do this at our own level of giving. 

 We’d love to hear about your progress. 


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