Art Out of Anger (part 2)
April 23, 2020
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Dear Allyson, 

It is an honor to hear back from you and thank you for all your advice and teachings.
Hearing from you has just given me so much confidence and joy

At home, I was raised in a way that brings up conflict inside of me. This idea that we are all individuals, and we are who we are for ourselves and not for society is not taught in Indian households today. We are all expected to be 3D printed perfect people (according the opinion of family) so that we are presentable in society. I was never that kid, but the idea to impress people has been engraved in me. My father believes society makes you who you are, but then it cuts our wings.

I am in the process of letting go of the parts of myself that I don't like and don't resonate with me. I get into thought loops that lead me down a very dark path. It's like a bad trance, which in very intense moments, is hard for me to keep myself in control. It's terrifying to record myself in that state. 

In my last episode, I had an idea of a one minute short film where I am planning to enact those emotions.
The theme is creation and how it makes me feel. I plan to paint, dance and then destructive dance and show the discomfort of not being able to create. I want to show imperfection in each individual art form. Without realizing it, the protagonist is literally using her space as her canvas. Her actions and deep love of creation are what she uses to draw. In the end, a camera is placed close to the original recording and the film is a masterpiece.

Instagram: dgtldoodle/ 

Lots of love,
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How To Be A Great Artist! by Zena Grey
Dear Anusha,

I am so excited to hear about the creative plans you are making.
Every guru will tell you that meditation is the way to harness our emotions.
Once harnessed, if we bury them, it is at our own peril. 
So what are we to do with them?
We are meant to create with that energy and make the invisible visible. 

A person living in a traditional home has many advantages. Even though you know this and have gigantic compassion for all the world (and there IS a lot of BAD out there), a wise person uses their advantage. A powerful and intelligent person can change the world. It doesn’t happen at the flip of a wand. Every step toward the future you envision is essential. Cultivating Future Vision is the most exciting best ride. 

Your inner voice is your guide when it comes to teaching yourself to be a great artist. If you sit down everyday for an hour, listen in silence to good music, and draw, the voice will come to you. Practice harnesses and orders the emotions.

You can get from your house to CoSM and never see more than 200 feet in front of you. You would need a map. 
Start drawing that map and keep redrawing. Life’s road has many curves, in my experience. 
It would be an honor if CoSM were on that map.

In loving service,

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