Being a Successful Artist
December 23, 2019
Hi Allyson,

My name is Harvey Dale. I'm turning 23 in January. I've been introduced to your art since 19. It has opened up my world and aided my process of awakening. I've been in and out of my awakening for 4 years now. This year has been really strong because I'm finally seeing the ways which I have been resisting my awakening. I feel like my third eye has been activated. I'm getting lots of downloads of consciousness shifting visions. Some of them are similar to your work. There was a feeling in me which communicated that this was going to change others' lives when they looked at it, or that it will hit their subconscious in a way that will make them conscious of that particular subject. Anyways, I am very familiar with your visionary art movement. It's on my bucket list to go to Entheon one day soon. I think it's the most amazing thing in the world. I have a deep feeling in my heart that I was born to do similar works to you in my own creative way. I feel like I have the same mission as you do. This is why I am typing this email, I would love to be able to receive some guidance regarding how to make the most out of this path. How to become the best at what I do. How to turn this into a career and how to find my soul tribe with the same mission so I can join forces with and create a new world. The universe works in miraculous ways :) 

Your biggest fan forever.
Ask Allyson Image
Above and Below by Allyson Grey
Thanks for writing and sharing your work.  You are asking what it takes to be a successful artist able to connect with others through powerful images. Here are a few tips to further your intention:. 
1. Draw and paint everyday. 
2. Study with great teachers. 
3. Use references always but never copy the art of others and call it your own. Imagine & create original icons. 
4. Explore a variety of materials. 
5. Take each work seriously. 
5. Sketchbooks are for ideas, not for finished works. 
6. Use the best materials you can afford. 
7. Take classes that offer practice and feed back. 

Several workshops are coming up at CoSM that you might consider:

Start A Painting — in January
    For new & experienced painters.
    All levels. 
Art As Right Livelihood — in March    
Art Business    
All Levels Visionary Art Intensive at Omega Institute -- in July
      5-day Intensive with Alex & Allyson.
      All levels.  

      Check website for details. 

If you live within an hour or two of CoSM in the Hudson Valley, you could study here regularly. Check out the workshop offerings and plan your opportunity to study with us and with other marvelous masters of Visionary Art at CoSM. Overnight accommodations are available here for workshop participants. Appreciate what it takes to reach out and share your artwork. Thank you for keeping us and a creative life in your heart. 

Love & blessings on your creative path. 

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