Chaos, Order & Secret Writing
Allyson Grey: Painter, Social Sculptor, Muse...

For forty years, Allyson has expressed in her paintings an essentialized world view consisting of three root components: CHAOS, ORDER, & SECRET WRITING.

CHAOS = Order + Entropy. In Allyson's paintings, chaos symbolizes the material world where bedrock reality, ordered systems and cells, particles and waves, fall apart in an exquisite spontaneous flow of planned randomness.

ORDER within this essentialized system, is represented by seven grids, layered in a square/diamond mandalic portal. The viewer gazes into the cosmic fountain and drain of energy, the suck hole/blow hole of interconnected, multi-colored energy packets. This painted symbol of ORDER suggests the purity and perfection of the invisible realm of bliss one might experience in transcendental states of mystic unity, sometimes referred to as Nirvana, Heaven, or the Infinite Divine.

SECRET WRITING in Grey's paintings is comprised of twenty unpronounceable letters, sometimes randomly arranged, but often in a consistent "mantric" order. These untranslatable letters point to the inexpressible outpouring of creative essence, a spirit embedded in communication that cannot be reduced to concepts. SECRET WRITING, a language of pure spirit, while it appears to communicate, actually avoids any association with sound and are indecipherable. SECRET WRITING serves as a window of the rational mind through which invisible thoughts are physically manifest in language and in all forms of creative expression.

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31 minutes ago

Each cell is activated with color one at a time. The work is about time. There are nineteen colors in each painting, nineteen steps in a complete sequence of the spectrum. Each square is painted in a thick “wiggly world” application that occurred spontaneously. In creating, intuiting what feels natural and right reveals our authenticity, fulfilling the first rule of How to Be A Great Artist -- Be Yourself. ⠀ ⠀ Featured art: ‘Big Chaos’ (detail WIP) by @allysongreycosm, 48 in.sq., oil on wood.

1 day ago

Integrity means doing what we said we’d do when we said we’d do it. Having integrity indicates a soundness of moral character. Being human, we are flawed and go out of integrity from time to time, by falling short of our principles. Making amends, especially when transgression preys on the mind, means taking responsibility fully, omitting excuses and reasons. ⠀ ⠀ Featured art: ‘X-O Spectral Watercolor’ by @allysongreycosm

1 day ago

Detail of “Chaos,” a work in progress. 🧡

2 days ago

Q: Why do you both always wear black?⠀ ⠀ @alexgreycosm: In imagining new worlds, it’s good to meditate on the void, and it is a symbol of grief for the endangered life web. ⠀ ⠀ @allysongreycosm: Wearing black simplifies my choices and I like the way I look in black. Wearing black is in harmony with my beloved and symbolizes my commitment to our spiritual community.

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