This Side of Sanity
October 30, 2015

by Paul Bronson 
Byron Bay, Australia 

this is the story of falling down the rabbit hole. 

some people believe in spiritual experience,
and some people believe only in solid facts.
to the grounded folk, the following tale is a decent into madness.
to the mind exploring hippy, it is a matter of discerning
where reality stops and when madness begins. 

in my grandiose delusion,
i met ganesha the elephant god.
i saw jesus christ for one really long second.
i patted the ghost of my dog.
i saw an eye of horus spaceship,
met 4 light beings & was shown a past life,
as edgar allan poe. 

as the years passed,
i got more and more delusional.
and it took lots of doctors and medicine
to bring me back to reality. 

a hallucination is but a reflection from the imagination.
according to carl jung, we have
an unconscious collective imagination,
creating archetypes of possible experience. 

the particular archetype i lived out in my madness,
is the story of the walrus.
(who is good friends with the carpenter.) 

the question in my mind, since returning to sanity is:
where does spirituality stop, and mental illness begin?
not just in my case.
in the entire history of mankind. 

9:32pm, October 11, 2015
Ask Allyson Image
Secret Writing Spectrum by Allyson Grey
Dear Paul, 

Thank you for sharing your story. Sounds like you've emerged from a personal hell. Was your decision to use psychedelics implicated in the trouble from which you've emerged? Sharing what initiated "your decent into madness" might serve others. 

 When trouble is present in our life, we are either a victim or the cause. As a victim, we are like a bug under a pin. There is nothing in the past, present or future in our control. We are hopeless, vulnerable and have no say over the circumstances of our lives. 

 When we identify how we are the cause of all that happened, we can take action in the present and future. We can avoid repetition and share our revelation of wisdom to serve others. Answering the question, "How was I the cause of this mess?" gives access to transformation and opening. 

 What the world would be interested in knowing about your story is this: How was your journey into and out of insanity a gift to you from the Divine? What did you learn so powerfully that without having gained that knowledge, you might have been less than the person you have become through that experience? If everything every guru and wise person has ever told us is actually true, then every moment is perfect exactly how it is. How in the world could that experience have been perfectly created just for you? What take-away from that terrible experience has transformed you into the person that you and others now admire? 

 "Before, I was __________. On the other side of that experience, I am now ____________." 

 Alex and I are so glad that you wrote to us "from this side of sanity" and wish you the very best life ever, now and in the future. 


 Allyson and Alex
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