Secret writing
August 11, 2021
Hello Allyson,

I have a question about your secret writing work! In the last couple of meditation sessions with medicinal plants of Mimosa Hostila extraction Dmt, I have had a repeating vision including your secret writing, written on people's faces. They appear on a face with a look of best way of describing it is they faces of my friends have a what looks like a Roman face plate over there face, and on the face mask it has the writing that I have just seen in your work, do you have a translation to those symbols like a Rosetta stone by chance? Each person would have unique color/aura to the letters, and the letters are always a moving script , it looks like they are moving and trying to tell a story. You have any interpretation to these letter , symbols I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Love, light and peace, we are one! 

Thank your for your time, 

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Smush by Allyson Grey
Dear Aleksandr,

The Secret Writing in my art is my interpretation of the occult symbol system I saw on a mystic journey in 1971 at the age of 19. Secret Writing has now been reported by many psychonauts. Of the infinite variety of symbols I witnessed washing over all surfaces and wafting through the air, I selected twenty letters, an alphabet I placed in a chosen order. Personally, I feel that my letters are meant to be untranslatable.

Their meaning to ME is as ineffable symbols. Through symbols we perceive and interpret all things. When we see a person with grey hair, we may interpret grey hair as a symbol of a loving grandma, a witch, wisdom, senility… Our minds interpret meaning through our unique life experience.

The book Xenolinguistics by Diana Slattery covers reports by psychonauts on the appearance of secret writing within the psychedelic experience. I wrote the forward. Diana has attempted to channel and translate the meaning of her language system. I have intentionally avoided creating “made-up“ meanings, feeling that my assignment of meaning would be random and not universal, not authentic and rather a perpetration of knowing what cannot be known.

The symbolic meaning of my language refers only to the ineffable spirit of receiving information that cannot be known literally - the language of The Creator.

My language is art that points to the conversation of symbolic interpretation in every moment of our lives. We see through a judgement mind of symbols. Everything in the visible universe is perceived through symbolic “windows” of personal interpretation, unique to every individual.

Thanks for writing and wondering with me.

You also might be interested in watching my recent interview, Allyson Grey on Secret Writing.

In loving service,

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