Vipassana & Being An Artist
March 23, 2023
Dear Allyson,

I'm not a 100% artist, I just really like playing with the platonic solids and fractal geometry, I have a few drawings, sketches and a small painting called "Beach Light."  It would be a dream for me if I could show my work to you and you shared with me your understanding the transforming a  3D vision of shapes into two dimensions. I’d like to portray the silhouette of the supercube. I send you both a cordial I sorry for my english but use a translator

I really love your work and the way you handle and feel the colors.

Wishing you the best, health and life, 

Ask Allyson Image
Supercube by Octa
Dear Octa,

You titled your question, “Vipassana."
In Pali, an ancient Buddhist language, ”Vipassana” means “seeing things as they really are.”
Feel free to send images to my email: [email protected] .  
Look forward to seeing your early visions of a supercube.
Happy to offer feedback.

You will be an artist when you say so.
BE an artist
DO what artists do.
HAVE what artists have.
That is the order of things. 

BE - You are an artist when you say so.
DO - What do artists do?          
They make art everyday.
HAVE - What do artists have?          
They have a special place to make art.         
They have time everyday to make art.         
They have the best art materials they                
can afford.          
They have ideas about their art.          
They share their art in the world.

Thanks for writing and for your willingness to share your art. 
Although you have not yet said so, that IS being an artist.


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