Executing an Artistic Vision
November 23, 2018
Dear Allyson, 

Because of how our society is structured, it is very difficult to form and execute an artistic vision. Sometimes we find ourselves so distant from where we NEED to be that the opportunity to execute that vision seems impossible. Yet sometimes a vision can come to fruition through means unknown, unknowable, or not yet available to us. If I am a lowly worker at a factory, how on earth will I build an art and healing center in New Mexico? It seems like such an impossibility, and yet the urge to do so is overwhelming and we cannot give up. How do you suggest one position themselves so they can be open to taking the right steps? Logical thinking will only take us so far. 

Thank you and bless you, 

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Dear Shaun, 

Thanks for writing. Deciding that “it is very difficult to form and execute an artistic vision" is actually a personal point of view and not fact or truth. Committing to this assessment and then attributing that point of view to “...the way the world is structured” is not only vague, it cannot be proven and there is much evidence to the contrary. Forming and executing an artistic vision is a fact for thousands of artists internationally. Check out Instagram on any day and see a profound number of artistic visions pouring out from tens of thousands of minds. Yet all who agree with you hold the point of view that what appears to be a rather common act is difficult. Committing to that self-chosen truth is a story that is not working for you. It is a habitual thought acting as an obstacle. How about creating a new story, like, “Until recently, I have been withholding my artistic vision. I’m now embarking on a new and creative pursuit in my life.” This could be true, if you say so and not give up. Becoming what you want to be is a journey. We can travel from New Mexico to New York and only see 250 feet ahead of us throughout the entire trip. What we need is a map. We can choose a straight, unwavering path from New Mexico to New York, or take side trips along the way, but eventually, if we return to and follow the map, we will arrive eventually (Goddess willing) in New York. It’s a long trip, but if we structure the trip, we can estimate the timing and “live into” that plan with success. Working in a factory, your day job, is currently your funding source for your life and your project. Opening a healing center is your possibility and intention. Many healing centers open all the time, a formidable task achieved by hardworking, generous, empathetic people. To open a healing center, what do you need to know or learn? Keep a list. Requiring no money, what can you learn or who can you speak with that would further your future healing center? Accomplish on one of these items on your list each day. Big plans take many steps. Walk toward your goal by taking on at least one action each day. “Logical thinking” is not a recipe for creating a life you love. Take a stand for being “unreasonable” by immersing yourself in solving big problems. Little problems can be so boring. The key to happiness and fulfillment is actually choosing a big problem, with all it’s obstacles, and committing to that challenge one baby step at a time. Thank you for entrusting me with your important question that is certainly shared by many. 


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