Identifying A Venue For Your Art
November 07, 2018
Dear Allyson, 

I recently finished a big drawing project and would like advice about venues to have an exhibition. The project is called BFF and it consists of 127 composite charcoal drawings, plus the 128 photos from which they are derived. The project began in 2007 while working as a forensic artist for the Suffolk County police in Long Island. I’m currently looking to show an exhibition of the entire series. I’m looking into venues in the Hudson Valley but I’m open to venues in NYC and beyond as well. I’ve attached a mockup of how I’d like to lay out everything on a wall. The challenge is that it will require a wall nearly 100-feet wide… It may also work with two perpendicular 50-foot walls with the final drawing in the corner between them, or on a circular/curved wall. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for venues that might work? A true gallery would be nice, but I’m fine with renting out a space even for just a weekend if it’s the right size. Thanks again, and looking forward to more good times at COSM! 


Shawn Feeney
Ask Allyson Image
One and Many by Allyson Grey
Hey Shawn, 

Considering the charcoal drawing exhibition you’d like to mount, Alex & I recommend checking out The Drawing Center in Manhattan. They may offer regular appointments to view artwork or a call for submitting entries. The search is on for places where installations are exhibited. Select and court a few possible venues. Museums and alternative art spaces sometimes sponsor solo art installations.The Whitney Biennial always exhibits outstanding installation art. Perhaps you are already aware of their deadline or policies for entry. Identifying the perfect venues has to be your quest and should be fun. Get social, finding a place to show your art is a social activity. Get to know other installation artists and find out where they exhibit. Certainly, attend all opening of installation art or drawing whenever and wherever you can. While you research the best venues for your artwork, consider holding an exhibition in your studio or in a rented/borrowed venue. Plan the exhibition and opening. Make sure your presentation is impeccable with appropriate display materials.Work on your mailing list and invite every friend or family member you know. Add to the list art writers, favorite artists, gallerists and curators. Serve refreshments and make it a social occasion. Prepare a bio & artists statement to have available on a table during the event. To answer sales inquiries, price the work on printed price sheets in an attractive folder. Cold call art writers in your area and artists whose work you admire to personally invite them to the opening or a private tour of the exhibit. Offer to drive V.I.P.’s like gallery owners or art writers, to your studio or venue at their convenience. Also, Chronogram is a Hudson Valley arts magazine that posts art listings, artist grant possibilities, art venues and art events in our area. Look forward to seeing your work on Instagram. Wishing you every success. 


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