Making Art for the Joy of It
January 08, 2021
Dear Allyson,

Just listened to an interview you and Alex did with Duncan Trussell. Holy cow! 
I’m a glassblower in the Twin cities of Minnesota and since I graduated art school 3½ years ago, I’ve been working in a production environment making lighting. I love my job but since I started I haven’t made any art of my own.  Whether this is a byproduct of the comfort afforded by stability or just pure laziness, I don’t know, but I realized I need some help getting back to my roots of making art for the joy of it. Do you have any advice for reconnecting with the sense of creative energy I experienced back then? I’m just feeling a bit lost, thank you for any advice you might have!

Ask Allyson Image
Budding Wave by Allyson Grey
Dear Tyler,

Thank you so much for writing. 

Have you checked out the Vision Train?
Since mid-March, Vision Train has been a 24/7 Open Studio for Visionary Artists around the world.
There are inspiring OTHERS there who are in their studios working on their art, while “conductors” bring on the music and guests, interactive workshops,  and artist talks. There are exhibition opportunities and you could get some feedback. Registration insures that all aboard are artists, a very nice environment.

Your “lost” will be “found”! 

Do you Instagram? 
Follow us @allysongreycosm  &  @alexgreycosm 
Seek artists to follow and follow everyone you admire or are curious about. 
The more people you follow, the more interesting it becomes. A lot of inspiration there.
Within IG, there are”cross pollenating" communities of every art medium and style. 

Send pictures of your work and I’d be happy to offer my muse.
I also offer private zoom consultations on Art & Life.

Great to hear from you. Stay in touch. 


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