Exhibition Struggles
December 04, 2020
Hello Allyson,

As a visionary artist I'm struggling to find appropriate places to exhibit my work. When I look around in the galleries and museums in the the Netherlands, where I live, I see nothing even closely related to paintings inspired by visionary states. When I show my portfolio or apply for artists grants I hear: “Beautiful work. Well done, but unfortunately we have no client base for this type of work." Or "Thank you for your grant proposal but we find the visual language that you use a cliche." 

The art world just seems to close off to this kind of art I feel. It forces me to exhibit only in the festival scene where my art is more appreciated. Which is great but, I also have aspirations to show to a broader audience I feel. 

I'm wondering if you and Alex also experienced these struggles and am curious if you have any tips of how to find my way in.

Thank you for your beautiful work and the dedication to building Entheon. 

P.S. If there is any way I could get involved in future group shows or live painting please let me know.


Sander Bos

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Healing Our Roots by Sander Bos
Dear Sander,

Thanks for writing. Went to your website to see your art and became curious about your technique.
Are you familiar with the art of Luke Brown?
Look at the artwork of Luke Brown and consider whether the art world is actually closed off to “this kind of art.”
Could be that the work has not been seen by enough people or is in a developmental stage.

Are these works created in Photoshop and painted on canvas giclees?
What size are these works? Or are they virtual and can be printed at any size.

Getting a wider audience is all about making more friends. How can artists do that? 
As artists, it is our individual job to research and find where our work would best be appreciated.
Then, artists who would like to exhibit in galleries attend openings there to find the others. They get to know artists that exhibit their work in those spaces and the gallerists/curators that produce the exhibits.
To be exhibited in galleries, it is best to go to galleries and love going to gallery openings.

Another option when you want to “put your artwork on the art world map” is to co-create or make your own map.
Rent a space. Fill it with your art or divide it with other artists of similar mind and disposition. 
Have an exhibition. Invite everyone you know. Make more friends, Repeat.

Success in art involves expanded recognition. 
Social media is great for “finding the others.” Attention to social media can give an artist more followers.
Then, study how other artists are selling their art online. 

Some artists are heirs. Some do not squander their good fortune and become great artists, like Ivan Albright and Odilon Redon, painters of the Hudson River School in the U.S. — Thomas Coles, Albert Bierstadt and so many others.  Be inspired by seeing their Visionary Art online.
Some artists are passionate or content with their work life in other areas, like a dentist that is a sculptor, or an astrologer in high demand.
Or teachers or truck drivers who make a good living and enjoy painting and taking art classes, joining art groups outside of their job.

If an artist envisions making art for a living or even as a supplemental living, success will involve art sales and the artist will be a business owner. 
Fall in love with art as a business and your art business will be successful. 
How do artist fall in love with business when all they really want to do is to create art?
They meet people and learn from mentors and acquaintances who take their art seriously as a business. 
If there is an artist you admire, find a way to learn about their creative journey to success.

To Be a great artist requires three things:

Be Yourself.
Do Your BEST.
Never Give Up.


Congratulations on the website and all the artwork there.

Honored to be entrusted to consider your art evolution.


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