Self-Doubt Versus Creativity
January 02, 2019
Dear Allyson, 

Thank you for your time. I am a writer who hasn't written anything yet. I am a yoga teacher who has not done any formal training yet. I am a podcaster with nothing recorded yet. For 15 years, I lived an unbalanced and unhealthy life with too much booze and white powdery drugs and not enough self care, which has hindered my drive to bring ideas to fruition. Then, 3 years ago, at age 30, I was blessed with a daughter. Taking care of her and her mother and my step daughter became priority. So for the first time in my life I developed drive and consistency in the form of waking up early and working hard almost everyday doing lawn care. This has been good for my evolution but overworked and exhausted, my energy reserves are dedicated to fatherly duties, truly my favorite thing of all. I don't feel that I have tapped into to my creativity and fulfilled my desires for accomplishment. In the next four months, I will be laid off from work and will have more time. My intention is to write a children's book with the general theme of introducing consciousness to kids. I would like to get a teachers training certification in yoga with the goal for that being to implement some sort of mindfulness training at the local elementary school. I want to start a podcast for people who can bring mindfulness training to schools in my area. I can't be the only one chanting the Gayatri mantra out loud while weed whipping a customers lawn can I? How can I best utilize my time in the months ahead so my creative ideas do not remain intentions. I want to serve the greater good and finally have the drive but, loud and present, I still have a lot of nervous self-doubt. I will meditate every day, write down my goals and start chipping away at these things today. I trust your advice for me to bring these things from intention to reality. I appreciate your time and consideration, any and all advice helps. Thank God for you! 

Much Love and appreciation! 

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Dear Josh, 

First of all, congratulations for going through stuff and coming out of it better than before. Sounds like your life is on a great track of love, ambition and high intentions. Another thing you are doing absolutely right, is reaching out to share the future you envision. “Help” lives in the active realm of consciousness. "Nervous self-doubt" can be an energy force that moves you forward toward your goals. It takes three things to get whatever you want for yourself and your life: I. An Intention. Your intentions are listed in your letter, clear as a bell. Don’t be concerned that there are multiple goals stated. Most creative people ride more that one horse. We are capable of a great deal more than most of us think. Try planning less time and space between activities. 2. Share your intention INSPIRINGLY with others. What you envision could be a life’s work. This work began when you started articulating these intentions to me and others. To have what you want for your self and your life, you must share your intentions INSPIRINGLY WITH OTHERS. Others will help you get there with their encouragement, advice, networking… When you share an intention with another person and notice that their eyes glaze over or they seem distracted, it could be because your presentation needs to be more INSPIRING. You will need evidence to inspire others about your intention. What are you excited about doing that reaches toward your achievement? Sharing your intention can include a website, a business card, a pitch deck or a Patrion Campaign. Sharing your intention could include a video, drawings, paintings or sculpture. Sharing intentions will definitely require honing and re-honing your pitch. Don’t forget the inspiring part. If it is a bad video or lousy art, shoddy or inauthentic visuals and words will detract from inspiration. In speaking with others about your intention, share the journey in a well-crafted authentic share, brief stating what you’ve already accomplished toward your intention, your next steps and the value you are getting from the journey itself. “By researching yoga instructors training in my area, I’ve learned so much about the process.” “By investigating the equipment I’ll need for my podcast, I’m learning so much about recording ." “Sitting on the floor of a book store with my kids helps me in developing my own children’s book… and I’m with my kids!” “Weekly story telling at the local library with my kids is an education and I find out about all the author talks coming up." “I’m making a list of children’s book publishers that I like.” “Researching and studying how a children’s book should be presented to a publisher is an extraordinary education.” 3. Take Action. Many action steps cost nothing, take little time and are actually fun. Several are suggested above. Challenge yourself to think of your first dozen action steps. Then, do one or more each day. Every day and at every full moon, account for your accomplishments and review next steps. Focus on accomplishments, no matter what size, and results will become evident. Let us know your progress. It’s good to partner with those who care. Thank you again for your question that is shared by many creative people. Alex & I send our encouragement. 


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