Past In Your Present
January 19, 2018
Hi Allyson!

It was so refreshing to speak to you at the at the Gratitude Gathering and to hear of someone who had a positive family background that was full of love. Like how you spoke of your parents, specifically you growing up in a family business, summer camping, that had such a positive influence all those girls. It is encouraging to know that you still have a positive familia relationship with your husband and daughter.

Personally I didn’t have the most understanding or supportive family growing up. My past certainly has influenced my present and not in the best ways. Your roles as a wife, daughter, mother, artist, woman been so inspiring to me. It takes a strong individual to do all the things you have done and continue to do. It was wonderful connecting with you and Alex at CoSM.

Thank you so much,

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Dear Diana,

Thank you for your message and kind acknowledgement.

The stories we tell of our lives reflect on our self-worth. Do we tell stories of regret, loss, conflict and upset or stories of challenges overcome? Life is full of lessons that shape us to be the altruistic, resilient, mature & self-reliant person we have become. Stories about trouble & drama resonate with others and feed our craving for agreement from others when we tell those kinds of stories. By turning our point of view toward stories of possibilities for our positive future and challenges we overcome inspires others and makes us the hero of our own story.

Conflicts can be expected in family life. They train us toward higher consciousness. Telling the “good stories” sends transformational vibration to your mind and out into the world. Science is proving that belief alone can alter your DNA.

The past informs the present. Learning from the past, we protect ourselves from bumping into walls. New possibilities require risk and transcending our limited beliefs learned and practiced in the past. Eckhardt Tolle tells us to “Let the past die behind you.” Landmark Education would remind us not to “drive while watching out the rear view mirror.”

The first Noble Truth in Buddhism is “ Life is Suffering.” or “Life is perpetual unsatisfactoriness.” Without exception, those with whom we struggle, also suffering, dealing with their own post-traumatic stress. Being complete in our relationships means forgiving the trespasses of the past as we would have others forgive our imperfections. Inner peace means embracing the unfolded narrative of our history as gifts that further our outstanding becoming. Truly, there is only one relationship and that is with yourself.

It would be a pleasure to hear from you again, dear friend. Even better, to hug you at another CoSM event.


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