Climate Artivists from Iran
June 13, 2013
Hello dear Allyson and Alex Grey, 

We are a team of friends and artist who are trying to raise climate awareness among people and start to act for change. We are creative, we are musicians, visual artists and very good friends. But the atmosphere here is closed, dark and scary. 

We are fans of your master pieces of art and his worldview and the understanding and the peace culture he promotes. We are watching the environmental tragedy and we can't stay quiet and do nothing. 

We need help. We need training, We need to be empowered. 

I wanted to know if you are willing to help us. 


Farzad Banaee
Ask Allyson Image
Above & Below by Allyson Grey
Dear Farzad, 

 Thanks so much for writing. We cannot do nothing. We cannot do everything either. What should we do? What do we do well and love to do? Serve the world with joy by doing what you love and making it a contribution. Allow doing what you love to support and further what you believe. Hold a Full Moon Ceremony in your home with your trusted friends to pray on what you can do to uplift the beleaguered world. 

We love you and are so glad to hear from you. Let us know how it goes and send a picture or two. 


Alex and Allyson
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